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To Register:

Please call 479-443-3646 between 9-4 Tuesday through Sunday to register with a credit or debit card.  You may also mail in your payment.  Your spot in class is not guaranteed until we have your payment.


To Cancel:  

Refunds are given if you contact the school 7 or more days in advance of a class and the school will deduct 25% for processing.   A refund check will be issued or your credit card will be credited.  If you cannot attend and you call the school at least 24 hours in advance of the class start time you may transfer to another class with out penalty. Registrants who no show and no call shall forfeit all fees.

Duplicate Certificates:  Duplicate certificates will be issued once payment of $15 per page is received. 

Free CE Class!!!!

Refer a student who enrolls in our core 625 hr. program and receive a certificate for a free 6 hour $125 CE Class.  

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INMT Certification!

I am offering a certification in Integrated Neuromuscular Therapy!  I require 48 hours of combined training in specific classes but because of the variety of the classes you can customize your training to fit you and the needs of your clients. Classes marked with an asterisk may be combined to achieve the required hours but everyone must take the 12 hour INMT class and pass an exam at the end of their hours before being certified.

Course Descriptions

The 15 Minute Shoulder -- 6hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

In this class we will delve into the anatomy of the shoulder and some common issues found there.  Unlike classes that cover an hour long “shoulder” massage this class will teach you a very effective 15 minute protocol for the shoulders that can be worked into your regular massage routine.  Bring massage linens and lubricant.


The Anatomy of Movement - 6 hrs - $125

Susie Byrd, MTI

How does movement happen?  See and feel how it all works and put it together through the nervous system to the final movement.  How does that muscle move that bone?  We will review joint actions, muscle actions and palpation skills.   Bring linens and lubricant.

Anatomy Paint by Number – 6 hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

A fun and functional class that’s a little bit art, a little bit science and a lot of fun. See the layout of the muscles and their relationship to one another.  You will need massage linens and lubricant.

Arms, legs, hands and feet - 6hrs - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

Ever wonder if there was more you could be doing with the hands and feet? In this class we will discuss and demonstrate techniques to improve your routine.  Bring linens and lubricant.

Bodymasques - 6 Hrs - $125

Susie Byrd, MTI

We will learn to do a bodymasque and also how to turn it into a wrap.  We will do it all without a shower or tub.  Bring 3 bath towels, 4 hand towels and linens.

Chair Massage 101 – 6 hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

It’s one of the percs executives demand and you can learn to be a provider of corporate relaxation.  We will learn a basic chair massage routine and several optional techniques that can be beneficial in your table work. Marketing techniques will also be covered.


Clinical Assessment – 6 hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd M.T.I.

This class is designed according to my belief that “if you can’t find I you cant fix it”. We will cover postural assessment, muscle testing, and some palpation skills.  Bring linens.

The Ethics of Massage – 6hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

This class may challenge what you believe about the professional ethics inside of and outside of the massage room.  Many contend that ethics is a dying art and I say, “No!!!!”.  Boundaries, transference, projection and dual relationships may sound boring on paper but in this class they become alive and exciting

Headaches, Headaches, Headaches – 6 hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

We will learn about several different kinds of headaches such as; tension, sinus, migraine, TMJD and cluster.  Assessment plans and treatment protocols for each will be provided.  Massage linens and lubricant are required.

Integrated Neuromuscular Therapy - 12hrs - $250 

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

Integrated Neuromuscular Therapy is based heavily in NMT but also has a hint of Orthobionomy and strain/counterstrain.  You will learn techniques from these modalities and how to integrate them into your massage.  Please bring linens and lubricant. 

Introduction to Reflexology - 6 CE hours $125

Rex Roberts, LMT

An overview of theory and practice of reflexology. Students will learn the mapping of reflex points on the hands and feet, and specific reflexology techniques. They will get hands on practice and some modalities they can incorporate into their massage routine right away.

The Law and Rules & Regulations of Arkansas - 6 hrs - $125

Susie Byrd, MTI

This class will cover the current massage law and the rules and regulations governing us as therapists in the state of Arkansas.  We will also explain the legislative process as it pertains to law and rules and regulation writing and approval.

Let's Get Back to the Basics of Massage - 6hrs - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

This class is just what it sounds like, a basic review.  We will also cover some recent changes in terminology and contraindications.  Oh yeah, we will also do a supervised one and a half hour massage trade.

Mechanics of Motion - 12 CE hrs. $250

Rex Robert, LMT

Students will learn how movement happens from nerve stimuli to muscle contraction to the physics of motion. Students will review muscle and joint actions along with palpation skills needed to apply this knowledge to the massage routine.

An NMT Perspective of Low Back Pain – 6 hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

This is a new and unique perspective for practitioners on the many causes and treatments for low back pain.  We will review the anatomy as well as many specific treatment plans to help rid your clients of low back pain forever.  Bring massage linens and lubricant.

A Neuromuscular view of the shoulder girdle – 6 hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd M.T.I.

We will explore the anatomy as well as several common issues found in the shoulder girdle. Please bring massage linens and lubricant.

Parafun!! – 6 hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

Want to learn more applications for that paraffin dip you bought way back when and at the same time add spa services to your menu? Take your paraffin dip out of the closet dust it off and start putting it to profitable use.  You will learn a Spa Citrus Hand Treatment and a Paraffin Mud Backpacque.  You will need massage linens, lubricant, a bath towel and four hand towels.

Passive Assisted Stretching Techniques - 6 CE hrs $125

Rex Roberts, LMT

Students will learn basic passive stretching techniques; learn the physiology of muscle stretching; practice and master a passive stretching routine; and plan how to incorporate these techniques in their practice.

PNF Stretching 101 - 6 hrs - $125

Susie Byrd, MTI  

I have had tremendous positive response from using PNF stretching and when used correctly it can be a great tool in our work with our client's pain and functionality.  We will use the technique on many areas of the body.  This technique is easily mastered and underused.  Bring linens and lubricant.

River Rock Foot Soak – 6 hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

This is a spa treatment in high demand at the top spas in the nation.  Learn a spa treatment easily added to your massage menu that doesn’t require a bathtub, a shower or a huge investment.  You will need to bring lubricant, a bath towel and four hand towels.

Safestones – 12 hrs. - $325

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

Learn to do stone massage the safe way.  “Above all do no harm.”  Don’t forget that this ancient code we work with extends to stone massage as well.  Learn to do a safe basic stone massage routine along with treatments that can be added to your menu as separate services.  The charge for a stone massage is $120 per hour and up.  Increase the amount of money you make in the same amount of time. You will need massage linens, two bath towels, four hand towels. Lubricant will be provided.  We will have stones and warmers for you to use in class.  

Smarter Not Harder Deep Tissue Work - 6hrs - $125

Susie Byrd, MTI 

This class is designed to help you work more deeply on your clients without injury or strain to your body.  We will work with the style you already use to create the foundation of the work and then take you one step deeper into the client's tissue without pain to either of you.  Bring linens and lubricant.

Soft Tissue Release for the Client With Fibromyalgia – 6 hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

One of the most common diagnoses to date has quickly become Fibromyalgia.  In this class we will cover the disease from a historical perspective but also delve into leading research.  You will also learn many soft tissue techniques that will allow you to successfully treat all Fibromyalgia clients for whom touch is not contraindicated. You will need to bring massage linens and lubricant.

Spa Essentials of Lomi Lomi  18ce hours $350

Michele Austin MTI

Spa Essentials of Lomi Lomi -  Participants will learn the essential techniques of Lomi Lomi and how to incorporate the Lomi flow into your current massage sessions saving your hands and wrists while transforming your massage practice.  Participants will give and receive Lomi sessions each day.

Special Strokes for Special Folks - Massage for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Autism - 6 hrs - $125

Susie Byrd, MTI

This class will cover the many aspects of working with children with very specific needs.  We will cover the complexities of the diseases, the needs of the clients and their caretakers as well as the strokes most suited to the work.  Contraindications will be covered in detail.  This work is very rewarding and very needed within our profession.

Sports Massage 101 - 6 hrs -  $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I. 

Learn to work effectively with many different types of athletes in many types of events.  This class will explain the history, types and strokes of sports massage as well as guide you through the marketing opportunities involved with volunteering.  Please wear athletic clothing both for receiving and giving the hands on work. Bring linens and lubricant.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction – 6 hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

We will cover specific causes and treatments for TMJD as well as many common neck and shoulder complaints.  We will review the anatomy of the neck and jaw.  Bring linens and lubricant.

Trigger Points Plus -- 6 hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd, M.T.I.

Curious about trigger points and the pain patterns they create?  We will not only cover trigger points but Tender Points and the pain patterns they create. You will learn treatments for each. Bring massage linens and lubricant.


Working a Plan – 6hrs. - $125

Susie Byrd M.T.I.

It can be confusing to work in a medical situation. This class will teach you how to effectively and efficiently work with other medical professionals.

Disclaimer:  Content subject to change.
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